I created this blog to expose Cobalt Broadband, a shady interent service provider based in Houston, but serving the surrounding rural areas. After I made the huge mistake of signing up for their service, getting locked into a contract, and then experiencing the wall of indifference known as their customer (lack of) service, I decided to do something about it.

I don’t get mad. I get even.

Sorry, I lied.

I get mad AND even.   🙂



3 Responses to About

  1. cobaltsucks says:

    I am a Cobalt Broadband customer. I started this blog because after becoming incredibly frustrated by the slow upload speed of Cobalt Broadband and their total lack of providing a competent level of customer service. These are my actual experiences, and so this blog will contain many facts and information to help you decide if Cobalt Broadband is the right internet service provider for you. It is unfortunate that choice is limited in rural areas, but technology is progressing rapidly and soon 3G and 4G will provide EVERYONE with a viable alternative.

  2. Dan Simon says:


    I am also a Cobalt victim….but live in the Liberty Hill area (NW of Austin) and was wondering if you can tell me the name of the new provider….so I can see if they are in my area!

    I personally told the Cobalt billing department that as soon as there was a new provider in my area I was going with it and if Cobalt did not let me out of any remaining contract for free….I would sue them under the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act (and they are ripe for suit under this law) due to just how shitty their service is.

    They promise 24/7/365 high speed service on their website and it would be easy to prove this is not given.

    • cobaltsucks says:

      Hi Dan – Sorry for the delayed approval of your comment. I moderate all comments to prevent spam and have been away enjoying NEW FAST internet service !! 🙂 We switched to ERF Wireless and they completely kick ass! I will post a full review about it very soon… but we couldn’t be happier at the moment for ditching Cobalt and their terrible service and switching to ERF Wireless – I highly recommend you check them out.

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