And our awesome new ISP in the area is…

ERF WIRELESS! We signed up for ERF Wireless last week, and the service is phenomenal! Literally, our speeds are at least 10x faster than Cobalt up and down! And are CONSTANT. No fluctuations. No BS. The ERF basic package is 768 kbps @ around $50-60, and the faster package which I got is 1.5 MB down/768 kbps up MINIMUM 🙂  AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME!

We have had ERF Wireless for over a week now. NO OUTAGES, not even a single BLIP. Speeds have been blazing. Finally, I’ve been able to play online games again, upload and download large files, and at long last, STREAM MOVIES! Netflix works great, usually giving 2 bars, sometimes 3, sometimes 1, but not even a single rebuffer after watching about 15 hrs of movies so far.

YOUTUBE! By ditching Cobalt and getting ERF Wireless, we can finally watch Youtube videos without constant pauses – imagine that!

And let me tell you, the customer service has been great so far. The installation guys drove all the way out from League City, and spent an extra amount of time making sure our system worked and they tried several different spots until they got the absolute best signal from their tower to us. Incidentally, their tower is located in Cat Spring. We have a clear line of sight to it and the distance is around 8 or 10 miles. The install guys were very informed and professional, its such a contrast to Cobalt. It was funny, as soon as I mentioned that we currently had Cobalt to them, they rolled their eyes and gave us the “oh dude, we feel your pain” look.

Anyway, I could go on forever, but the summary is… call ERF Wireless and see if they can reach your home.

You WILL NOT REGRET IT if you can switch from Cobalt… ERF blows them away!

Also, if you have been reading this blog over the past year and have had similar experiences with Cobalt, please report them to the Better Business Bureau and your local Chamber of Commerce.



About cobaltsucks

I am a blog that exists to expose the horrible service that Cobalt Broadband provides in rural Texas.
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2 Responses to And our awesome new ISP in the area is…

  1. Jimmy says:

    BEFORE you get too excited about erf . Give it a little more time or at least till
    you have the first problems. They wont call you back for days-weeks. We had them for a while on the East side of Sealy. They wouldn’t call us back , then finally did. Then left without fixing it. Over 2 months later came to take it down and found the antenna had water in it. Wait to see how quick they fix there junk. There are several others that are better. Try google Pecan internet. They are top of my list. Best of luck to all of you.

    • cobaltsucks says:

      Hey Jimmy – thanks for the comment. I haven’t experienced any problems so far (3 weeks and counting) and have already transferred gigs of data up and down. Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, how long ago did this happen? From their website, it looks like Pecan Internet does not offer long distance wireless, so that wouldn’t be an option for those of us too far out from a city who don’t use local phone service. Keep us updated with any more info you have in the future!

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