Better Choice than Cobalt for Internet in Bellville available!!!

Its a big day, folks. I have just watched my first uninterrupted Youtube video in over a year. Yes, we have a new internet service provider as of today – Halle-freekin-luhhah!

I’ll post more details, but here’s before and after tests earlier today with both services, same location.

Cobalt: 0.42 Mbps down / 0.13 Mbps up
New ISP: 1.47 Mbps down/ 1.35 Mbps up

Over 300% faster download than Cobalt, and over 1000% faster upload. Yes, that’s 1000%!
I’ll reveal the new ISP name soon… I want to use them a few days and verify the service over time before I recommend them completely.

Early performance is lookin’ good though.


About cobaltsucks

I am a blog that exists to expose the horrible service that Cobalt Broadband provides in rural Texas.
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4 Responses to Better Choice than Cobalt for Internet in Bellville available!!!

  1. Wally says:

    I’m in the area between Hempstead and Magnolia.

    I’ve had service from Cobalt for about 3 years now. I’ve known several people who have had satellite, and the one thing that I’ve learned from them is that satellite is only slightly better than dialups, and not worth the higher cost. Someone near me had satellite, later switched to Cobalt, and was pleased with the improvement.

    So I’m wondering: IS Cobalt really better than satellite?

    I’ve been checking with ERF on a fairly regular basis, and they still do not provide coverage for my area.

    I was talking with T-Mobile yesterday, as was informed that they do not have good 4G coverage for my part of Texas, and could not provide me with a 4G Ethernet modem (which is what I would need to plug into my switch to service several desktop computers).

    So much for that.

    I’ve been griping at AT&T for several years now to get DSL through the phone lines. They will not give me any idea as to when I could possibly get the service. More recently, I noticed that they were laying fiber optic cables in my area, and I was getting excited over the prospect that they would FINALLY get DSL service to me. I was very disappointed when I was later told that it was still not available, and they still cannot tell me as to when it could be.

    I’m ready to support legislation mandating broadband access to everyone in the USA (much like it is with phone service and electricity). It’s getting to the point that dialups is so woefully inadequate for accessing the internet that the internet is virtually useless to anyone without broadband access.

    I know that I’m sick and tired of paying much more for much less than what most people take for granted, and being on the wrong side of the “digital divide”.

    THANKS for starting this blog.

    You should post links to it on some forums, like this one:

    I hope you’ve seen this one:

    • cobaltsucks says:

      Hey Wally – I sympathize with you. I think what you describe is a really big problem in not just our area, but the entire country. Anyone who lives in a rural area is being left behind on the web. I too have called ATT and other local phone/utility companies numerous times, but they are not going to invest in the future unless they can recoup their costs very quickly. It sucks. I think that by the time rural areas catch up with city speeds, the mobile phone companies will have already expanded 4G coverage to areas like yours and mine. The question is, how long d owe have to wait? Too long!

      I see that you have already tried ERF but they don’t reach you. Too bad, because they are really good so far. Maybe check back soon with them. FYI, the girl on the phone at ERF also thought we were out of their area, but I spoke to their regional manager who knew different, and we luckily got the service. It might help to ask them how close their nearest tower is to you. If you have line-of-sight, I think they can reach up to 10 miles or so. Good luck man, please update us if you get them or another alternative.

  2. Wally says:


    I tried to leave a comment yesterday, but it wasn’t posted.

    I’m not sure what went wrong, but I’ll try again if this is posted.

    • cobaltsucks says:

      Hi Wally – the comments are delayed for moderation to prevent spammers and Cobalt employees from submitting false reviews. Please go ahead and submit your full comment!

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