Completely crippled service for 3 weeks

Cobalt Broadband’s internet service in the Bellville area has been limping along at an unbelievably slow rate for the past three weeks. It started intermittently going on and off, and then began steadily slowing down to the point where it is now. Almost unusable for everything except mild, casual browsing. Streaming any type of video has been impossible for several weeks, unless you like pauses every ten seconds. I’m currently downloading a file at 5.4 KB/sec. Yes, not 540. Not 54. FIVE point FOUR!!!!  Its taken me over two hours so far to download a 200MB file. It should have taken only 15 minutes, even by Cobalt’s poor performance standards. I would post a speed test, but Cobalt is so slow right now, I can’t even get the speedtest page to load properly!

I will post one as soon as possible. Which could take weeks. Thanks again Cobalt. The only pleasure I have is that so many people check this blog, that many of them decide not to go with your service after reading the truth. I figure I’ve probably cost you at a minimum hundreds, but most likely thousands of dollars in potential customers. As Bart Simpson would say….

HAAAAA haaaaaaaaaaa! 🙂



About cobaltsucks

I am a blog that exists to expose the horrible service that Cobalt Broadband provides in rural Texas.
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