Cobalt Broadband Review – Speed Test Results

Well, here we are with the cold, hard facts. Not speculation. No conjecture. Just solid proof of how Cobalt continues to SUCK.

Speed test #1 from Speakeasy:

And Speed test # 2 from Internet Frog:

Two interesting things to note:

1. the upload speed is better than the download speed. This tells me that there are too many people on Cobalt’s service for their equipment to handle. Too many people are trying to download stuff simultaneously. Cobalt is too f’n cheap to upgrade their gear.

2. The bottom graph does not even begin to approach the “BROADBAND” area. This company would more appropriately be called “Cobalt Mediumband, and Often Slowband”


About cobaltsucks

I am a blog that exists to expose the horrible service that Cobalt Broadband provides in rural Texas.
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2 Responses to Cobalt Broadband Review – Speed Test Results

  1. Columbus Cobalt says:

    You need to update on november, then again i bet you cant, because cobalt has been utterly terrible everywhere, last i heard all the outages in the bellville/sealy area was due to an issue with San Bernard, but i wonder if that is the case at all? Just like you said Cobalt’s equipment is stressed to the limit, no telling for certain. But the service in Columbus has been just as or even more terrible, i’m replying to this right now at 11:39 PM on 11/7/2010, the internet has been out since sometime earlier today but when i tried to use it at 4:00 PM today, Nothing worked. They need to upgrade, or get out. I cannot wait until CLEAR or some type of other company hits the rural areas and puts all of the WISP’s out.

    • cobaltsucks says:

      Thanks for your comment, and yes it was really bad last month for a bit. Lately I’ve given up trying to update the blog as much because it stalls out so often. If you know other people that have Cobalt and are dissatisfied, please encourage them to post on this blog with their experiences. It will help to expose Cobalt for what they are and the service they do not provide. I just checked into the blog again after a month off because its bogged down again right now!

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