Another Day, Multiple Outages

Friday. 11:30am. Updating the blog from my iPhone. I bet you’ll never guess why. Wow, you did guess. You must be another pissed-off Cobalt customer… err, I mean loyal reader.

It’s 11:37 now. Still no service.

12:10pm service finally back on.

12:43pm service is out again.

1:15pm back on.

4:15pm service out again. This is pathetic.

4:30pm on again.

7:14pm service not working AGAIN!!!!

7:26pm on again.

7:40pm out again.

8pm on.

8:45pm out again. This is very worthy of a refund, wouldn’t you agree?

9:44pm OUT AGAIN. Do not make the mistake of choosing Cobalt Broadband and getting locked into a contract.

10pm back on… I predict not for long.

11:30pm just got knocked off the Internet again…..

11:49pm after being connected for almost 10 whole minutes (wow!), just got disconnected again.


About cobaltsucks

I am a blog that exists to expose the horrible service that Cobalt Broadband provides in rural Texas.
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