Cobalt internet was offline all day Sunday

No internet service on Easter. Maybe Cobalt’s inanimate equipment observes the holy day by refraining from working.

Cobalt celebrated Easter by¬† giving me an egg. A big old fat goose egg. As in, a ZERO. No connectivity. First checked around 6am in the morning Sunday. Was out until sometime after 8am Monday morning. That’s another 26 hours without service. Numerous power resets throughout that time did nothing. I checked the dish receiver. It had a blinking “radio” light as well as only one bar of signal strength (out of 5), which was flashing instead of steady. Obviously, their equipment and setup was screwed up yet again.

When will it end?


About cobaltsucks

I am a blog that exists to expose the horrible service that Cobalt Broadband provides in rural Texas.
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