Cobalt Broadband Quality of Service = 1%

Yes folks, its that bad. Four hours after my last post, the service is still excruciatingly slow. I just ran a speed test via Internet Frog and …. well, see for yourself:

If  you are not technically-inclined, let me explain a few things here. The download speed is 1/5 of what it should be at a minimum, and is much slower than satellite (Hughes or Dish), DSL, and cable internet. Even more frightening, my current upload speed is equivalent to DIALUP. But not even 56k dialup….we are talking old-school 28.8 modem speeds here. That is UNUSABLE and UNACCEPTABLE by any standard.

Also, note Cobalt Broadband’s QOS, or Quality of Service, rating. Its 1%. Perfect would be 100%.  Taken from, the definition of QoS is ” the ratio of the worst reading to the best one. It is in fact a measure of the level of consistency in download speed. In speed tests, it is represented as a percentage. The higher it is, the better to quality. For good VoIP, the QoS should be 80% or more.” So in other words, you CAN NOT GET  A WORSE QoS score than their current one as measured by this test. Any worse, and there would just be no service. So even when they manage to provide us with service, it is the worst possible service at only 1% quality rating. Even the floundering and substandard public school system fails you at 69%.

Now, look at the RTT figure. Also as defined by “The RTT is the time taken for your machine to send a small packet during the test and receiving it back after it has made a round trip in the network path being tested. It is measured in milliseconds (ms). The less it is, the better is the connection. For VoIP, it is OK to have a RTT of less than 250 milliseconds.” Cobalt is giving me an RTT of 2037 ms, which is OVER TWO SECONDS. Anything over a tenth of a second renders fast-paced online gaming impossible. No Halo, no MW2, no GTA4, no Battlefield. Say goodbye to your PS3, Xbox 360, or PC gaming.

Finally, look at Max Pause.  “This should be a very small number, else, it would indicate that there could be problems of consistency in your connection. Any max pause below 100 is good.” Unfortunately, Cobalt’s Max Pause is 23x longer than it should be.

Still thinking about choosing Cobalt Broadband as your internet service provider?


About cobaltsucks

I am a blog that exists to expose the horrible service that Cobalt Broadband provides in rural Texas.
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