Another service outage…and even slower speeds

Yesterday, the Cobalt Broadband service went out at my house from 5-6pm, and then again from 9pm until sometime past midnight. Not sure how long, but its working again now FINALLY. Hmmm…I wonder if maybe the service went down because they were doing a much-needed upgrade to their oversold customer base? One can only hope… Let’s do a speed test…

as measured by

Cobalt Fails Again

Nope, no upgrade. Quite the opposite in fact.

Now my download speed has become as painfully slow as my disproportionately slow upload speed. Oh great and wondrous joy. Thank you so much Cobalt Broadband. I guess you could say that you suck going both ways now.


About cobaltsucks

I am a blog that exists to expose the horrible service that Cobalt Broadband provides in rural Texas.
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