ERF Wireless Status Update

Just checking in again to report that service has been outstanding. I think the speed has actually been increased in the last couple months. I regularly stream Netflix vids in HD, with the stream only buffering 3-4 times for a few seconds during a 2-hour movie. Very happy with ERF and don’t know how I suffered through our previous ISP Cobalt Broadband for a year.

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Great Service Continues from ERF Wireless

Hey gang – haven’t checked in lately because I’ve had no reason to since switching to ERF Wireless. The service has been fantastic (for  a rural area) with constant speeds of 1.5 MB/768KB… There’s really been nothing to complain about, especially when compared to the catastrophe known as Cobalt Broadband. In almost 5 months, ERF has only gone out 3-4 times, and the reasons were legit:

* severe weather caused a power outage 2x

* an infringing transmission was interfering with ERF’s frequency 1x

*a router upgrade

In each instance, customer service and tech support were already working on the problem by the time I called in, and service was always restored within a few hours. Its also pretty cool that when they work on planned repairs and upgrades, they usually do it in the middle of the night or during off hours. 99% of people will never know, but I’m a night owl so notice every once in awhile.

So once again, I am reporting everything is goin’ great with ERF.

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ERF Wireless is Destroying Cobalt Broadband

Hey kids – Its been a few days between updates to the blog as since I’ve gotten rid of Cobalt and signed on with ERF, I have been very happy. We’ve had ERF for about 4 weeks now and haven’t had a problem yet.

Online gaming? check
streaming video? check
constant fast speeds? check

But talk is cheap, right? So, here’s a speedtest…

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And our awesome new ISP in the area is…

ERF WIRELESS! We signed up for ERF Wireless last week, and the service is phenomenal! Literally, our speeds are at least 10x faster than Cobalt up and down! And are CONSTANT. No fluctuations. No BS. The ERF basic package is 768 kbps @ around $50-60, and the faster package which I got is 1.5 MB down/768 kbps up MINIMUM 🙂  AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME! Continue reading

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Better Choice than Cobalt for Internet in Bellville available!!!

Its a big day, folks. I have just watched my first uninterrupted Youtube video in over a year. Yes, we have a new internet service provider as of today – Halle-freekin-luhhah!

I’ll post more details, but here’s before and after tests earlier today with both services, same location. Continue reading

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Great News! Soon we can ALL SWITCH AWAY from COBALT!

Hey Gang – a little birdie told me an established ISP is coming to Bellville, the final details just need to be worked out and contracts signed, etc… Continue reading

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Internet Alternatives to Cobalt in Austin County and Beyond

True story. Went to the local computer/IT shop in a nearby town and asked for recommendations for an ISP in the area. I didn’t reveal I already had Cobalt. The gentlemen wrote down these ISP’s: Continue reading

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